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Proceedings Sustaining the Momentum for Building a Northeast Asian Economic Community 경제개발, 경제통합

저자 조이제, 정형곤 편 발간번호 17-01 자료언어 English 발간일 2017.12.27

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  2017년 북한의 핵실험과 미사일 실험발사는 동북아의 안보를 심각히 저해하는 행위였으며, 한중일간 군사, 외교, 영토, 역사 문제등으로 인한 갈등 역시 과거 어느때 보다도 첨예하게 대립된 한 해였다. 이 가운데 지난 수십년간의 역내 경제협력과 경제통합 측면에서의 실질적 진전은 고조되는 동북아의 군사, 외교적 위기를 억제하는데 큰 기여를 한것으로 평가된다. NEAEF는 한반도와 동북아를 둘러싼 역내 정치 ·외교적 마찰을 완화하고 평화와 번영을 증진하기 위한 노력의 일환으로 국경간 경제협력을 주제로 공동연구를 오랫동안 추진해왔다. 본보고서는 수십 년간 쌓아온 NEAEF의 네트워크를 기반으로 미래 동북아경제공동체 구축을 위한 전략 마련을 목적으로 2017년의 활동 및 주요 연구결과를 정리하였다. 

  This year witnessed political tensions resulting from a series of provocative nuclear and missiles tests in North Korea and from domestic political unrest, culminating in the abrupt leadership change in the Republic of Korea. All these events pose enormous challenges for minimizing the risks of military confrontation and war in the Northeast Asian region. A significant dampening factor on these possibilities is the real progress made in recent decades in economic cooperation and integration within the region, which contributes to reducing military action in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea, however, still remains the critical gap in an otherwise productive network of dynamic regional economic growth.
  For Northeast Asia, there is a continuing and growing need for promoting peaceful economic interactions and research on a common basis for cross border economic cooperation for the future common good, as a means of ameliorating political tensions and frictions in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. Toward this end, the KIEP–NEAEF collaborative project seeks to fulfill the need for timely and forward-looking research activities by focusing on some of the critical components, such as strengthening economic cooperation with China and exploring future scenarios of North Korea as an integral part of broader regional economic cooperation in the region. This collaborative work on Northeast Asia remains essential in carrying out activities aimed at building a future Northeast Asian economic community on the basis of the strong network the NEAEF has built over the years for functional economic cooperation, through discussions and consultations among stakeholder country experts on issues such as cross border infrastructure development and financial cooperation.
  This volume in the series of proceedings volumes is titled Sustaining the Momentum for Building a Northeast Asian Economic Community and comprises summaries of research presentations and discussions on building a Northeast Asian economic community presented at the planning meeting in Honolulu and at the Annual Conference of the Northeast Asia Economic Forum in Hong Kong, China, in 2017. The results of this project represent activities that have been contributing to efforts toward regional economic cooperation and have been carried out in a spirit of cooperation.
  KIEP is grateful to Dr. Lee-Jay Cho, Chairman of NEAEF, for his leadership in implementing the project, and to the authors of the presentations, conference participants and discussants who contributed to this volume.
  Drs. Lee-Jay Cho and Hyung-Gon Jeong would like to extend their appreciation to the NEAEF staff for their assistance in the course of the successful implementation of this project, and to Drs. Karla Fallon and Kennon Breazeale for their editorial review and editing of this volume. 



Introduction and Overview
Lee-Jay Cho

Statements by Country Representatives

Part I. China’s Economic Development and Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation in the Context of the Road and Belt Initiative

Part II. Future Tourism Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Part III: Cross-border Infrastructure and Special Economic Zones in Northeast Asia

Part IV: Building a Northeast Asian Economic Community and Its Extended Regions

Part V: Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Part VI: Energy and Environment in Northeast Asia

Appendix: Hong Kong Statement and Agenda


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