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Proceedings Financing for Regional Economic Integration for Northeast Asia 경제통합, 금융통합

저자 Lee-Jay Cho, ChangJae Lee eds. 발간번호 10-01 자료언어 Korean 발간일 2010.06.10

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중국, 일본, 한국을 포함하고 러시아 및 미국과 긴밀한 관계를 유지하고 있는 동북아시아 지역은 전 세계에서 가장 빠른 경제성장을 지속하고 있는 지역 중 하나이다. 반면, 냉전 종식 후 남겨진 민족주의 대립으로 인해 지역안보상황은 아직까지 불안한 상황이다. 동북아시아 지역이 지속적으로 발전하기 위해서는 각 국가의 경제력을 활용하여 공동 번영할 수 있는 방안을 마련해야 한다. 북한, 몽골, 극동 러시아 및 중국 북동지역의 풍부한 천연자원을 지역발전에 활용하기 위해서는 적절한 인프라 투자가 이루어져야 하며, 에너지 및 환경 분야 역시 막대한 재원조달이 필요한 개발 분야이다. 이러한 개발수요를 충족하기 위한 핵심 수단은 역내 개발 금융 메커니즘을 확립하는 것이다. 이에 본고는 동북아시아 개발을 위한 지역개발금융기관 설립에 관한 논의 현황, 관련 세미나 및 연구결과를 정리하였다.
The Northeast Asian region includes the major players China, Japan, and Korea, with productive linkages to resource-rich Russia and to the United States and is one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. In contrast to the region’s robust economic growth, regional security has long been fragile, mainly due to the geopolitical conditions resulting from the Cold War era. If the countries in Northeast Asia wish to further their development and prosperity, they will have to learn to harness their dynamic economies and create a region in which peaceful coexistence and common prosperity prevail. Northeast Asia has a northern subregion that includes North Korea, Mongolia, the Russian Far East, and the northeastern provinces of China—an area that is well-endowed with latent natural and human resources. This subregion has the potential of becoming an important source of natural resources for the entire region, and what is needed is to realize that potential through infrastructure investment. Energy security and environment is for example, an important area of cooperation, as the three major countries are heavily dependent on energy imports and are highly vulnerable to energy crisis in the event of an interruption -- especially in the case of oil, natural gas and minerals imports. Financing requirements for this investment are likely to be large, and a regional development bank is a key in meeting that financing need. This volume presents the results of the project implemented in 2009 on financial cooperation in Northeast Asia aimed at supporting the establishment of a regional institution for financing infrastructure investment. This volume is comprised of papers, research reports and summaries of a main conference and several specialized meetings, as well as affiliated activities, that took place under this project. The results of this project represent a considerable benefit to the region and have been carried out in a spirit of cooperation that we esteem.

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Introduction and Overview

Part I: Financing for Regional Economic Integration for Northeast Asia 
1. Currency and Financial Coordination in Northeast Asia (Eiji Ogawa)
2. Will Northeast Asia’s Functional Economic Integration Lead to Formal Regional Economic Integration? (Chang Jae Lee) 
3. Will China’s Rise and Functional Economic Integration Lead to Formal Regional Economic Integration? (Chung Lee) 
4. New Regionalism Across the Korea-Japan Strait: Cross-Border Region Between Busan and Fukuoka (Jung-Duk Lim) 
5. Global Financial Crisis and Policy Responses in Korea (Joon Kyung Kim) 
6. Macroeconomic Challenges and Russian Energy Policy in North-East Asia Cooperation (Pavel Minakir) 
7. China’s Thoughts on the Reform of the Global Financial System and Asia Financial Cooperation (Tong Jiadong) 
8. Financing Infrastructure Development Projects: Case History, Market Realities, and the Future of Financing Development (John Tichotsky) 

Part II: Mechanisms and Architecture to Actualize a Proposed Multilateral Financial Institution 
9. Steps Towards a Northeast Asia Bank for Cooperation and Development (Hiroshi Watanabe) 
10. China’s Efforts on Establishing the Northeast Asia Bank for Cooperation and Development (Wang Shuzu) 
11. Northeast Asian Development Finance Cooperation: The New Bank and the Support Network (Chiba Yasuhiro & Yamamoto Takashi)
12. Proposal for the Roadmap of the Northeast Asia Bank for Cooperation and Development (Zhang Xiaoyan) 
13. Economic Integration of Northeast Asia and the Function of the Northeast Asia Bank of Cooperation and Development (Ma Junlu) 
14. The Comparison of Large-scale Cross-border Financing and Project Management (Ma Junlu) 
15. Analyzing a Strategy for Development Finance Cooperation in Northeast Asia (Yamamoto Takashi) 

Part III: History, Roadmap and Strategy for Establishing a Northeast Asia Bank for Cooperation and Development 
16.  The Northeast Asian Bank for Cooperation and Development: From Rhetoric to Reality (Stanley Katz) 

Summary and Conclusions: Financing for Regional Economic Integration for Northeast Asia 2009 

Appendix: Agendas


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