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[KIEP WebZine] 주요경제 동향자료 : Asian Development Outlook 2018 (No.22)

  • 작성일2018/04/16
  • 조회수86
주요경제 동향자료
No. 22
2018. 4. 16


주제별 이슈

인플레이션과 무역 분쟁, 2018년 세계경제 성장 모멘텀 약화 요인 등 / 국제금융센터
최근 한미금리 상승원인 분석 및 저금리 기조 변화 가능성 진단 / 자본시장연구원
Convergence success and the middle-income trap / EBRD
Do interest rates play a major role in monetary policy transmission in China? / BIS
Exchange Rate Misalignment, Capital Flows, and Optimal Monetary Policy Trade-offs / CEPR
Financial Development, Growth, and Crisis: Is There a Trade-Off? / NBER
The Global Macrofinancial Model / IMF
Understanding the Macro-Financial Effects of Household Debt: A Global Perspective / IMF
A NAFTA-EU Economic Agreement: A Crazy but Ultimately Smart Idea / CGAI
Assessing Implementation of Environmental Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements / OECD
Digitalization and Trade: A holistic policy approach is needed / UNCTAD
Economic Benefits of Export Diversification in Small States / IMF
Export diversification, CO2 emissions and Environmental Kuznets Curve / FREIT
Foreign trade barriers and jobs in global supply chains / ILO
Multinational enterprises and global value chains : New Insights on the trade ... / OECD
Trade Liberalization, Absorptive Capacity and the Protection of IPRs / RIETI
Towards economically dynamic Special Economic Zones in emerging countries / CEPR
2018 통일백서 / 통일부
미국의 對중국 무역 제재가 우리 수출에 미치는 영향 / KITA, 국제무역연구원
북미 정상회담: 중국의 불안감 평가 / 38North
시진핑 장기집권 가능성과 한중 경제관계 향방 / 현대경제연구원
Decoupling of Emissions and GDP: Evidence from Aggregate and Provincial Chinese Data / IMF
What Can We Learn about U.S.-China Trade Disputes from China’s Past Trade ... / CARD
朝鮮半島シナリオと日本 / JCER
中国加快加入GPA进程表明中国加快改革开放决心 / IWEP
中国 新産業論~『創造大国』への道」 / JCER
신남방정책 구상의 경제・외교적 의의 / KDB 미래전략연구소
Corruption and the business environment in Viet Nam: An exploratory survey / ESCAP
Regional Trends Report on Energy for Sustainable Development 2018
GMS Economic Cooperation Program: Regional Investment Framework 2022 / ADB
Incubating policy for economic transformation: lessons from Nepal / ODI
Recent trade dynamics in Asia: Examples from specific industries / WTO
Regionalism à la ASEAN: Past Achievements and Current Challenges / FIIA
Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies in Asia and the Pacific / ESCAP
ASEANの新輸出大国、ベトナムの躍進 課題と展望 / ITI
브렉시트 협상 진행경과 점검 / 국제금융센터
중동의 상승기류에 탑승하라 / 한국무역협회, 국제무역연구원
Budding Ties? The Impact of Brexit on Europe-Japan Relations / JIIA
Market discipline and liquidity key issues in the EMU reform / ETLA
North Africa Economic Outlook 2018 / AFDB
OECD Economic Surveys: Israel 2018 / OECD
Productivity in the UK’s low-wage industries / NIESR
Russian-Chinese relations in Eurasia: Harmonization or subordination? / FIIA
Structural reforms to boost growth and living standards in Argentina / OECD
The future of work in African agriculture: Trends and drivers of change / ILO
The post-crisis TFP growth slowdown in CEE countries: exploring the role of GVCs / ECB


신착 입수도서 안내 (2018. 4. 1 ~ 4. 13)
경제체제 전환과 북한 : 지속가능발전의 관점에서 [ 강성진, 정태용 지음 ]
공기업론 [ 윤태범, 곽채기 지음 ]
수메르 문명과 역사 [ 주동주 지음 ]
전환기 지방자치론 [ 심익섭 외 지음 ]
중국의 미래 [ 데이비드 샴보 지음 ; 최지희 옮김 ]
GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History [ E-Boook ]
Green Infrastructure Financing : Institutional Investors, PPPs ... [ Jae Myong Koh ]
Industry 4.0 and its Impact on Reshoring Decisions of German Manufacturing Enterprises [ Julian Müller, Verena Dotzauer and Kai‐Ingo Voigt, 학술논문 ]
Public-Private Partnership Projects in Infrastructure : An Essential Guide for Policy Makers [ Jeffrey Delmon ]

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