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About KIEP


Heungchong Kim


Message from KIEP

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) is a national policy research institute established to conduct studies, research and analyses of global economic issues, guiding the nation toward effective international economic policies.

Over the past thirty years KIEP has dedicated itself to the national mission of conducting in-depth studies on emerging economies and regional developments around the world, providing crucial supporting grounds for the nation’s trade negotiations. Entering its 30th year of operations in 2020, KIEP is embarking on a new phase in its mission at the forefront of leading policies that can contribute to the inclusive and innovative growth of Korea, conducting research on responses to changing global trade structures in the post-COVID era, substantial actions in accordance with the New Southern and New Northern policies, and measures to further expand cooperation with vibrant economies in emerging regions.

KIEP is also continuing to establish itself as a core global think tank with an important voice in the global intellectual society, publishing world-class significant discourse on issues that impact the international community.

We firmly believe that our dedication to policy research on global regions, trade and investment, and international macroeconomics and finance will continue to define us as a professional research institute that identifies key issues on sustainable growth and tasks at the national level, and as a research institute which earns the trust of the people, not to mention of its own members.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our work and ask for your continued support.


Heungchong Kim
President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy