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World Economy Brief

World Economy Brief 상세
제목 Private Sector Strengthening as Pillar of South Korea’s Development Assistance toward Cameroon
저자 Eloundou Ngah Eric
발간일 2019-12-26
첨부파일 WEB 19-26.pdf 

This article questions the mixed impact of official development assistance (ODA) within African countries over the past 50 years; and projects the prospects for improvement over the next 50 years, with reference to South Korea, which moved from being a recipient to a donor country between 1969 and 2009. It appears that ODA has more systemic impact when it accompanies the structural transformation of the economy, notably through production infrastructures, technical and vocational training of human resources and the cult of entrepreneurship. Hence the obvious interest in Korea's approach to development assistance, which is based on its own experience and which is effectively in line with the development vision now being pursued by all African countries, via the African Union. In the specific case of Cameroon, a sectoral approach to ODA is strongly recommended to the Korean Government for the implementation of the development assistance policy focused on industrialization. It allows better control of the two major constraints here, namely: financial and ecological constraints.

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