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About KIEP


Message from
the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Since its establishment in 1989, KIEP has aimed to be a regional hub for international economic policy research, and has served as a warehouse of information on Korea’s international economic policies for nearly 30 years. As a government-funded research institute, we are proud to have accomplished critical research and in-depth analysis on international economic policy issues; including international macroeconomics, finance, trade, investment, cooperation, and regional studies for a variety of governmental agencies and research partners.

Our knowledgable research staff includes more than 50 research fellows with PhDs in economics, who are supported by over 70 researchers. We have an affiliate in Beijing, and we co-work with the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI). We are designated by the government as its Center for International Development Cooperation and National APEC Study Center. Locally and internationally, we maintain a wide network of scholars, professionals, and business people from diverse backgrounds.

As the president, I am proud that our organization contributes to expanding knowledge on international economic issues, to support decisions on how to act more effectively under uncertain economic circumstances. Our organization should continue to cooperate with partners; and that mutual relationship should be more strengthened in spite of global economic challenges. I will always listen to your opinions with regard to the future of this organization and that of our economy. Thank you for your continuous support.


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