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Title Analysis of Government Procurement Market in Emerging Countries and Implication for Small and Medium Enterprises
Author Pyoung Seob Yang, Cheol-Won LEE, Jaewan Cheong, Jino Kim, Suyeob Na, Hyeri Park, Sung Hyun Son, Hyo Jin Lee and Young Kwan Jo
Date 2020-07-23
File WEB 20-19.pdf 

The purpose of this study is to derive implications for SMEs through analyzing the openness of the government procurement market in emerging countries the prospects of these markets opening up in the future, and the overall possibility and plans of Korean SMEs to enter these markets. The procurement markets of international organizations and advanced countries are already saturated with competition, and it is difficult to expand in the procurement market of advanced countries such as the United States, Canada and the EU as they are strengthening their preferential purchasing system in line with protectionist trade policies. Therefore, this study aimed to find a market for competitive companies in Korea by comprehensively grasping the current situation, openness, growth potential, and potential market demand of emerging markets. In particular, we focused on analyzing the possibility of Korean SMEs advancing into the government procurement market of emerging countries, and to offer suggestions on the direction of procurement policies and trade policies in order to effectively advance into these emerging markets. This study analyzed six emerging regions which are either considering WTO-GPA membership or negotiating FTA agreements with Korea: China, Southeast Asia and India, Eurasia, the Middle East, Middle Eastern Europe and Latin America.