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Title China’s 40 Years of Opening-up: Evaluation and Prospects
Author Pyeongseob Yang, Suyeob Na, Minsuk Park, Hanna Lee, Koun Cho and Yunmi Oh
Date 2019-08-08
File WEB 19-19.pdf 

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening policy. This study comprehensively looks at China's opening policy over the 40 years of its reform and opening policy, and anticipates the direction of the opening policy which Xi Jinping will pursue in his second term. For this purpose, we identified major areas (regional opening strategy, foreign direct investment strategy, outward investment strategy, FTA strategy, and the U.S.-China trade relationship) to examine changes in the opening policy, going on to present countermeasures that Korea may take.