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Title The ASEAN Statistical Community and the Role of External Partners
Author Yoon Ah Oh
Date 2018-08-30
File KIEP opinions_no141.pdf 

The institutionalization of ASEAN integration requires more active ASEAN-level policy making, and this requires institutionalized support in, among others, statistical services. Building a regional statistical system to support ASEAN integration is an increasingly important task and deserves greater attention. Compiling, processing and disseminating reliable, timely, and comparable data across member states and at the regional level will provide ASEAN policy-making with a solid basis. ASEAN member states will continue their endeavors, and external partners can extend support to expedite the development of an ASEAN statistical system. Greater investment in project funds and expertise will go a long way. Korea could probably find a role here, at least in supporting already-existing arrangements ASEAN has created without duplications.