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Title Sharing Korea's Experience of Developing Agricultural Value Chains with Africa
Author Young Ho Park
Date 2018-07-25
File KIEP opinions_no138.pdf 

There are many useful policies that can be extrapolated into the African context, even though the initial conditions of agriculture development may fundamentally differ between Africa and Korea. Korea's policy experiences, gained from its agricultural product price stabilization policy, export promotion policy, market access policy, food safety certification schemes, and the like, will also be a helpful source of reference for the coining-up of agricultural support policy for Africa. It is widely believed that the agricultural sectors in Africa and Korea fundamentally share a large number of commonalities. Korea’s efforts to build the rice value chain are a case in point. In Africa, rice has emerged as an important grain along with maize. Thus, it has become an agenda of exigency to reduce reliance on rice imports. Among the various constraints that rice farmers in Africa face, unfavorable government policies are often cited as one of the major constraints that deter the increase of rice production.  

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