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Research Activities

Research Focus

Amidst projections that uncertainties in the global economies will continue to increase, KIEP has set the objective of "Surmounting Global Challenges: Creative Response!" to guide the entire spectrum of research activities conducted at our institute, with the express aim of devising creative responses on the basis of innovative ideas.

Department of International Macroeconomics & Finance

Research in the field of international macroeconomics and international finance, with a focus on:

  • Global economic changes
  • Foreign exchange and capital markets
  • International macroeconomic models
  • Regional cooperation in finance/currency
  • Reorganization of the international financial system
  • Management of stability and risks in the international financial market

Department of International Trade

Research on international trade structures, and in particular:

  • Export/import and foreign direct investment
  • The establishment of international trading order at the WTO/multilateral level
  • Effects of multilateral trade negotiations and negotiating strategies
  • Comprehensive research on the Doha Development Agenda
  • Trends and effects of regional economic agreements
  • Strategies for the promotion of regional economic agreements

Department of Chinese Economy

Research on economic trends in China and the Chinese economic system, focusing on:

  • The current state of China's international economic relations and China-Korea economic relations
  • Major economic policies, monetary/financial policies in China and related laws/systems
  • Research on China's regions and provinces in relation to the economic environment, conditions for investment, market characteristics, and scale/nature of domestic markets

Department of Advanced Economies

Research on economic trends in advanced economies, with a focus on:

  • Developments within Japan and multilateral economic cooperation in Northeast Asia
  • Economic trends and systems in Europe and the Americas
  • International economic trends in Europe and the Americas, and their economic relations with Korea

Department of New Southern Policy

Research on economic trends and systems in the Southeast Asia-Oceania and India-South Asia regions, including:

  • Comparative research and analysis of trends in policies for international development cooperation of major countries
  • Korea's policies on official development aid
  • Consultation projects related to international development cooperation

Department of New Northern Policy

Research on cooperation in Northeast Asia in the areas of trade, investment, and:

  • Economic cooperation in NE Asia that includes GTI
  • Policies related to specialized areas such as free economic zones (FEZs)
  • Deregulation in special economic areas
  • Inter-Korean economic integration
  • International cooperation bearing relation to Korean unification
  • The international economic relations of North Korea
  • Economic transition in North Korea
  • Economic trends and systems in the Russia-Eurasia, Africa and Middle East regions
  • International economic trends in the Russia-Eurasia, Africa and Middle East regions, and their economic relations with Korea