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World Economy Brief

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World Economy Brief Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
172 Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Latin America's Infrastructure Market and Policy Suggestions for Korea KWON Kisu et al. 2017.07.15 첨부파일 256
171 Evaluation of Recent Development of the AIIB: The 2nd Annual Meeting of the AIIB Held in Korea and its Implications LEE Hyuntai et al. 2017.06.30 첨부파일 718
170 Structural Changes of the U.S. Economy: Implications for the U.S. Mid- to Long-Term Growth Path and the Korean Economy KIM Wongi 2017.06.22 첨부파일 698
169 Sanctions and Consequent Effects on North Korea's Trade CHOI Jangho and IM Sojeong 2017.06.19 첨부파일 507
168 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): Progress and Challenges LA Meeryung 2017.06.12 첨부파일 684
167 An Analysis of Urbanization in Africa and its Implications for Korea: Future Demands for Urban Infrastructure PARK Young-Ho et al. 2017.05.18 첨부파일 1035
166 Spread of Populism in Major EU Countries and its Policy Implications JOE Dong Hee 2017.05.11 첨부파일 1986
165 The Recent Drop and Recovery of Korean Exports: Structural and Cyclical Aspects LEE Sooyoung 2017.04.26 첨부파일 376
164 Implications of Global Recession and Structural Changes for the Korean Economy HAN Minsoo 2017.04.13 첨부파일 702
163 Sustainable Economic Cooperation between Korea and the Middle East in Times of Lower Oil Prices LEE Kwon Hyung et al. 2017.04.05 첨부파일 703
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