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No Title Author Date File Read
281 Investment Puzzle: Deeper Roots KIM Sujin 2017.05.04 첨부파일 1452
280 Determinants and Consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from the Revision of the Company Act in India LEE Woong 2017.04.28 첨부파일 1134
279 Trade in Intermediate Goods: Implications for Productivity and Welfare in Korea KIM Young Gui and PYO Hak K. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 558
278 China’s Development Finance to Asia: Characteristics and Implications OH Yoon Ah 2016.12.30 첨부파일 630
277 Economic Effects of Anti-Dumping Duties: Protectionist Measures or Trade Remedies? CHOI Nakgyoon 2016.12.30 첨부파일 886
276 A New Measure of Inter-industry Distance and Its Application to the U.S. Regional Growth YOON Yeo Joon and WHANG Un Jung 2016.12.30 첨부파일 1304
275 What Explains Current Account Surplus in Korea? Han Chirok and Shin Kwanho 2016.12.16 첨부파일 512
274 Government Spending Policy Uncertainty and Economic Activity: U.S. Time Series Evidence KIM Wongi 2016.12.16 첨부파일 1130
273 Comparative Advantage of Value Added in Exports: The Role of Offshoring and Transaction Costs CHOI Nakgyoon and PARK Soonchan 2016.10.10 첨부파일 1121
272 The Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Productivity of Korean Manufacturing Plants: Market Average Rate Regime vs Free Floating CHOI Bo-Young and PYUN Ju Hyun 2016.10.10 첨부파일 1975
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