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293 Sources of Comparative Advantage in Services: Institution vs. Social Capital Nakgyoon Choi and Soonchan Park 2018.12.14 PDF첨부파일 1030
292 A Study on the Dynamics of Foreign Trade and the Issues of Regional Economic Integration in Central Asia Kodirjon Maxamadaminovich Umarkulov 2018.11.12 PDF첨부파일 709
291 A Quantitative Trade Model with Unemployment Kyu Yub Lee 2018.10.15 PDF첨부파일 4228
290 Exchange Rates and Firm Exports: The Role of Foreign Ownership and Subsidiaries Hyelin Choi and Hyo Sang Kim 2018.08.31 PDF첨부파일 2889
289 Financial Market Integration and Income Inequality Jae Wook Jung and Kyunghun Kim 2018.07.20 PDF첨부파일 3534
288 Vietnam’s Low National Competitiveness: Causes, Implications and Suggestions for Improvement LE Quoc Phuong 2018.04.04 PDF첨부파일 1943
287 What Determined 2015 TPA Voting Pattern?: The Role of Trade Negotiating Objectives YOON Yeo Joon and LEE Woong 2017.12.27 PDF첨부파일 1431
286 Empirical Assessment of Trade Engagements: Africa, China and the Maritime Belt and Road Initiative Igbinoba Emmanuel 2017.12.19 PDF첨부파일 1459
285 Ecommerce and Firm Performance: Evidence from Korea LEE Kyu Yub 2017.12.12 PDF첨부파일 2368
284 The Impact of Trade Liberalization in Africa JUNG Jae Wook 2017.11.19 PDF첨부파일 1214
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