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Policy Analyses Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
693 A Study on Women’s Unions in Southeast Asian Countries and its Implications for North Korean Development Cooperation on Gender: Cases from Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar Eun Ha Chang et al. 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 426
692 An Analysis on the Competitiveness of Industrial Clusters in India: A case study of Maharashtra Hanbyul Ryu et al. 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 1088
691 An Analysis of Strategies for Overseas Advancement of Smart Cities in Korea, China, and Japan Hyong-Kun Lee and Suyeob Na 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 3600
690 The macro-analysis of small and medium sized enterprises in central and eastern Europe: economy, institutions and business KIM Shinkyu et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 99
689 A Study on Grand Strategies of the US, China, and Russia to Realize New Korean Peninsula Regime Sung Hoon Jeh et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 141
688 Korea-India Aerospace and 4th Industry Cooperation Study BongHoon Kim et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 394
687 The Emergence of the African Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and Strategies for Implementing Korean Co-operative Policies Jae hoon Lee et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 237
686 Characteristics and Implications of Korea’s Investment in ASEAN: an Analysis Linking Foreign Subsidiary Activities and Parent Data Jinyoung Moon et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 230
685 Korea’s Development Cooperation for Fisheries Sector in Ghana Deukhoon “Peter” Han et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 1745
684 Korea’s Development Cooperation for Environment in Cambodia: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability by Examining SDG Interlinkages Hoseok Kim et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 1649
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