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Policy Analyses Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
702 A Study on Women’s Unions in Southeast Asian Countries and its Implications for North Korean Development Cooperation on Gender: Cases from Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar Eun Ha Chang et al. 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 3952
701 An Analysis on the Competitiveness of Industrial Clusters in India: A case study of Maharashtra Hanbyul Ryu et al. 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 4354
700 An Analysis of Strategies for Overseas Advancement of Smart Cities in Korea, China, and Japan Hyong-Kun Lee and Suyeob Na 2019.12.31 PDF첨부파일 5775
699 A Study on Environment Markets and Advancement Plan into Brazil and Mexico Kyung-Won Chung et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 290
698 Global Value Chain Analysis in the New Southern Region, Korea’s Trade Expansion and Upgrading Strategy 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 362
697 The Ongoing Energy Transition in Latin America and the Cooperation Strategy with South Korea: the Cases of the Andean Countries Young Seok Kim et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 232
696 EU’s Preferential Trade Schemes for Africa and their Implications Jae Wook Jung and Minji Jeong 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 241
695 A Study on Investor-State Dispute Settlement System of the Korea-Japan and the Korea-China-Japan Investment Treaty: Denial of Justice in Cases EOM Jun Hyun 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 847
694 Assessing Needs on and Developing a Training Program for Trainers of Early Childhood Teachers in Vietnam Mugyeong Moon et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 244
693 Korea-Vietnam Mid- and Long-term Cooperation Strategy in the Agricultural Sector JANG HEO et al. 2019.12.30 PDF첨부파일 389
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