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Policy Analyses Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
631 2016 KIEP Visiting Fellows Program KIEP 2017.05.23 첨부파일 464
630 Towards Deeper Integration Among China, Japan and Korea CHOI Bo-Young and LEE Seo Young 2017.05.04 첨부파일 1606
629 The Future of Korea’s Trade and Business Portfolio in North Africa: A Deep Horizon Political Economy Scan of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia Mark Abdollahian et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 579
628 An Analysis of Korea's Non-tariff Measures: Focused on Data Collection and Classification KIM Jong Duk et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 1204
627 Selected Promising Industries in Slovakia and Industrial Cooperation between Korea and Slovakia LEE Cheol-Won et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 375
626 Korean Firms’ Investment in Central and Eastern Europe for 10 Years and the Policy Implications for Promoting the Network of Trade and Investment KANG Yoo-Duk and LIM You-Jin 2016.12.30 첨부파일 364
625 Studies in Comprehensive Regional Strategies Collected Papers(International Edition) Pankaj Jha et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 475
624 Regional Inter-dependence and Vietnam-Korea Economic Relationship Tran Toan Thang et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 342
623 Evolving Digital and E-Commerce Trade Rules for Northeast Asia Deborah Kay Elms 2016.12.30 첨부파일 475
622 The Economic Development Strategy and Foreign Relation of Iran BAEK Junkee et al. 2016.12.30 첨부파일 314
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