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Policy Analyses Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
674 Russian Economic Growth after 2000: Assessment and Suggestions Minhyeon Jeong and Jiyoung Min 2019.06.21 PDF첨부파일 1674
673 What’s up with Wage Growth in Japan? Sung Chun Jung and Hyeog Ug Kwon 2019.05.30 PDF첨부파일 1476
672 How to Position South Korea in a Dramatically Changing World Danny Leipziger and Carl Dahlman 2019.05.25 PDF첨부파일 929
671 A Charter for World Trade 2019.04.29 PDF첨부파일 1639
670 The Trade Effects of the African Growth and Opportunity Act of the U.S. and Its Implications Jae Wook Jung and Yejin Kim 2018.12.31 PDF첨부파일 785
669 KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY PYRAMID: Transforming Knowledge Value in Increasing Productivity and Competitiveness Octavian SERBAN 2018.12.30 PDF첨부파일 1940
668 AI-Powered Intelligent Automation and International Trade in Services: Implications for Service Jobs in APEC Economies Min-Seok Pang and Gwanhoo Lee 2018.12.28 PDF첨부파일 924
667 A Study on the Effects of the Japanese Government Support System on the Business Restructuring Gyu-Pan KIM 2018.12.28 PDF첨부파일 716
666 ASEAN Industry Analysis: A Preliminary Study Yoon Ah Oh and Choong Lyol Lee 2018.12.28 PDF첨부파일 1099
665 Economic Development after German Unification and Implications for Korea Edited by Hyung-Gon JEONG and Gerhard Heimpold 2018.12.28 PDF첨부파일 820
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