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KIEP Staff Papers

※ The contents of the KIEP Staff Papers don't reflect or represent the official opinion of KIEP.
The KIEP Staff Papers are published with the aim of promoting discussions among researchers.(Work in progress)

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KIEP Staff Papers Board List
No Title Author Date File Read
10 The Impact of UN Sanctions on North Korea’s Luxury Goods Imports JEONG Hyung-Gon et al. 2017.11.22 첨부파일 1502
9 Applying Competition Policy to Optimize International Trade Rules LEE Hyo-young 2017.02.27 첨부파일 1143
8 Exchange Rate Flexibility, Financial Market Openness and Economic Growth Il Houng LEE et al. 2016.04.20 첨부파일 4382
7 Regional Currency Settlements in East Asia: Risks and Tasks for Korea In Huh 2014.12.30 첨부파일 5268
6 A Proposal for a New Regional Financial Arrangement: The Reserve Liquidity Line Young-Joon Park 2014.12.30 첨부파일 4785
5 A Risk Map of Markups: Why We Observe Mixed Behaviors of Markups Seong-Hoon Kim and Seongman Moon 2014.09.05 첨부파일 5264
4 Trade Liberalization and Aggregate Matching Function in India Woong Lee 2014.09.05 첨부파일 4091
3 Delayed Overshooting: It's an 80s Puzzle Seong-Hoon Kim et al. 2014.09.05 첨부파일 4261
2 Rethinking Monetary and Financial Policies in China Il Houng Lee et al. 2014.09.01 첨부파일 4092
1 Use of National Currencies for Trade Settlement in East Asia: A Proposal Il Houng Lee and Yung Chul Park 2014.04.17 첨부파일 5616
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