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No Title Date File Read
6 East Asian Economic Review Announces Winner of the Award for Excellence 2016 2017.02.27 첨부파일 42
5 “Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in U.S. Trade Relations” 2016.12.09 첨부파일 76
4 The Prospective Policies of New U.S. Administration 2016.11.15 첨부파일 66
3 “Sectoral-specific policies to separately operate South and North Korean Economies after unification” 2016.10.28 첨부파일 64
2 “Korean unification will be the new growth engine and catalyst for deep economic cooperation in North East Asia” 2016.10.07 첨부파일 80
1 『Journal of East Asian Economic Integration』 Congratulations to the Winner of the Award for Excellence 2015 2016.03.31 첨부파일 59
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