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About KIEP

Past Presidents

  • 1대 김적교 1st Chuk Kyo KIM 1989.8~1992.3

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    1st Presidents

    Chuk Kyo KIM information
    1대 김적교 Name Chuk Kyo KIM
    Term of Office 1989. 8 ~  1992. 3
    • B. A. in Economics, Seoul National University, 1958
    • M. A. in Economics, Vanderbilt University, 1961
    • Diploma in Economic Planning, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands, 1964
    • Ph. D.(Dr. rer. oec.) in Economics, University of Bochum, 1970
    Present Position
    • Professor Emeritus of Economics, College of Economics and Finance, Hanyang University
    Major Experiences
    • Assistant Chief, Planning Division, Secondary Industry Bureau, Economic Planning Board, 1962-1963
    • Senior Fellow and Research Director, Korea Development Institute, 1971-79
    • Assistant to Senior Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs, Blue House,, 1972-73 (On leave from KDI)
    • Vice President, Korea International Economic Institute (the present Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade), 1979-1981
    • Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, College of Commerce and Economics, Hanyang University, 1982-2000
    • Advisor to various Korean government agencies (Economic Planning Board, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and Economy) during the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s and participated in the formulation of Korea’s five-year development plans from the first through the seventh except the second one
    • Founding President of Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 1989-1992
    • President, Korea International Economic Association, 1986
    • Consultant for various International Organizations (ADB, UNIDO, UNDP, UNSFIR) as well as KOICA and worked for China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Indonesia
    • Visiting Professor of Economics, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Bochum, Germany (1982-83)
    • Visiting Professor of Economics, Institute for East Asian Studies, Duisburg University, Germany (2000)
    • Visiting Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, Kyung Hee University (2005-2009)
    Major Publications (Books and Monographs)
    • Wirtschaftswachstum und Kapitalkoefficient, Bertelsmann Universitaetsverlag, 1972
    • Planning Model and Macroeconomic Policy Issues (ed.), Korea Development Institute, 1977
    • Industrial and Social Development Issues (ed.), Korea Development Institute, 1977
    • Productivity Trends of Korean Manufacturing Industries (in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 1979
    • Productivity Analysis of Manufacturing Industry in Korea, Taiwan and Japan (in Korean), The Institute of Economic Research, Hanyang University, 1984
    • Public Finances during the Korean Modernization Process (coauthor with Roy Bahl and Chong Ki Park), Harvard University Press, 1986
    • R&D, Market Structure and Productivity Change (coauthor, in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 1989
    • Macroeconomic Estimate of Transaction Cost in Korea (in Korean), International Economic Research, Vol.III. No. 3, Korea International Economic Association, Dec. 1997
    • Moral Foundation of Market Economy (in Korean), International Economic Research, Vol.V.No.2, Korea International Economic Association, Aug. 1999
    • Social Market Economy in Germany: Concept, Institution and Economic Policy, Korea Economic Research Institute, Nov. 1999
    • Korea’s Development Policy Experiences and Implications for Developing Countries, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2008
    • Theory of Economic Policy (in Korean), 4th revised ed. Pakyoung Publishing Company, 2013
    • Economic Development of Korea (in Korean), 2nd revised ed., 2016
    Major Publications (Articles and Research Papers)
    • Productivity Analysis of Export Industry, KDI, Working Paper 7203
    • The Growth Pattern of Central Government Expenditure,, KDI Working Paper, 7702
    • The Growth of Automotive Industry in Korea, KDI working Paper 7709
    • Ancillary Firm Development in the Korean Automotive Industry (coauthor), in Konosuke Odaka ed., The Motor Vehicle Industry in Asia, Singapore University Press, 1983
    • Government Policy and Industrial Innovation in Korea, a paper presented at International Symposium on Technological Competition in the 21st Century, Duisburg, Germany, 1987
    • Income Distribution between the Poor and Non-Poor Groups (in Korean), The Hanyang Journal of Economic Studies. Vol.VIII No.2, The Institute of Economic Research, Hanyang University, 1987
    • SMEs Development. SMEs Policy Approaches, Achievements and Constraints in the Republic of Korea, a paper submitted to UNIDO, 1993
    • Theory of Economic and Social Order (in Korean), International Economic Research, Vol. III, No.1, The Korea International Economic Association, 1997
    • On the Origins of the Korean Financial Crisis: An Institutional Approach, Duisburg Working Papers on East Asian Economic Studies, No. 55/2000, 2000
    • Industrial Development Strategy for Indonesia: Lessons from the Korean Experience, UNSFIR Working Paper Series No. 03/02, 2003
    • Liberalization and Globalization Policy, in Keuk Je Sung (ed.), Development Experience of the Korean Economy, Kyung Hee University Press, 2010
  • 2대 유장희 2nd Jang-Hee YOO 1992. 3 ~ 1997. 2

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    2nd President

    유장희 정보
    2대 유장희 Name Jang-Hee YOO
    Term of Office 1992. 3 ~ 1997. 2
    • Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University, 1972
    • M.A., Economics, University of California at Los Angeles, 1969
    • B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, 1963
    Professional Experience
    • 2014.9 ~ Present, Executive Advisor of Maeil Media Group, Korea
    • 2012.3 ~ 2014.7, Chairman, National Commission for Corporate Partnership (NCCP)
    • 2010 ~ 2012 Vice Chairman, National Economic Advisory Council, Office of the President
    • 2010.10 ~ 2017.7 President of BBB Korea
    • 2008 ~ 2012 President, East Asian Economic Association, Japan
    • 2009.3 ~ Present, Advisory Board Member, Korea Development Institute
    • 2007 ~ Present, Member, National Academy of Sciences, Korea
    • 2006 ~ Present, Emeritus Professor, Ewha Womans University
    • 2004 ~ 2006 Vice President, External Affairs, Ewha Womans University
    • 2003 ~ 2004 President, Korea Economic Association
    • 2001 ~ 2002 President, Korea International Economic Association
    • 2000 ~ 2002 Chairman, Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    • 1999 ~ 2000 Chairman, APEC Knowledge-Based Economy Task Force
    • 1997 ~ 2005 Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Ewha Womans University
    • 1995 ~ 1997 President, Korea Association of Negotiation Studies
    • 1994 ~ 1996 Member of Eminent Persons Group, APEC
    • 1992 ~ 1997 President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 1988 ~ 1989 Professor of Economics, Seoul National University
    • 1985 ~ 1986 President, Korea-America Economic Association
    • 1976 ~ 1988 Professor of Economics, Virginia Commonwealth University
    • 1972 ~ 1976 Professor of Economics, Clark University
    Honors and Awards
    • 2015 Plaque of Honor, Seoul National University, College of Commerce Alumni Association
    • 2014 Plaque of Honor, UCLA Alumni Association of Korea
    • 2013 Grand Prize of Negotiation, Korea Association of Negotiation Studies
    • 2012 Plaque of Appreciation, President of Korea
    • 2000 Best Alumnus Award, Texas A&M Alumni Association (Korea)
    • 1998 National Decoration of Honor (Camelia), Korean Government
    • 1994 Letter of Appreciation from Deputy Prime Minister, Korean Government
    • 1985 Letter of Appreciation from Korean Economic Association
    • 1985 Distinguished Professor Award, Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Macroeconomic Theory (co-author), McGraw-Hill, 1975
    • New York City's Financial Crisis: Can the Trend be Reserved?, AEI, 1975
    • New Current in Economics, Maeil Press, 1987 (in Korean)
    • Korea's Monetary Policy and Inflation, FKI, 1988 (in Korean)
    • American Industrial Structure and Korean Economy, The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1990(in Korean)
    • Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation, KIEP, 1994
    • APEC and the New International Order, Nanam, 1995(in Korean)
    • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation: Current Issues and Agenda for Future, KIEP, 1996
    • Real Success, Financial Fall: A Reassessment of the Korean Dynamism, Ewha Press, 1999
    • Strategies for Building a Knowledge-based Economy, Ewha Press, 2001
    • The Post-Financial Crisis Challenges for Asian Industrialization (co-editor), JAI Elsevier Science Ltd., 2002
    • Introduction to International Studies (co-editor), Ewha Press, 2002
    • Korea - Japan FTA and Korea's Large Corporations, KIEP, 2005
    • A New Hope Beyond the Limit, Namkang Publishers, Seoul, 2008 (in Korean)
    • Korea's Privatization, Good Information Publishers, Seoul, 2008 (in Korean)
    • Korea's Services Industry as an Export-Promotion Means, KERI Publication, Seoul, 2009 (in Korean)
    • ‘Altruism’ and Korean Capitalism, Annual Report of National Academy of Sciences, 2012
    • Many articles appeared in Journal of Asian Economics, Journal of Macroeconomics, KYKLOS, - Public Finance Quarterly, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Development, International Studies Review, etc.
    Recent Publications
    • “Advices to Park Geyn-Hye’s New Economic Team,” Monthly Credit and Economy, 2014.7, pp. 19-22 (in Korean)
    • “The Fourth Arrow of Abenomics,” Maeil Business Newspaper, 2014.11.29 (in Korean)
    • “Autonomy of Korea’s Diplomacy between the U.S. and China,” Maeil Business Newspaper, 2014.11.10 (in Korean)
    • “Three Years to Go for Park Geun-Hye: It’s Not That Short,” Maeil Business Newspaper, 2015.3.2 (in Korean)
    • “Poincare and Clemenceau,” Rotary Life, 2015.2, pp. 28-29. (in Korean)
    • “Capricious Trmpism : Would His 4-years Be Successful?” Maeil Business Newspaper, 5.18, 2017 (in Korean)
    • “Yes, That’s What We Mean ‘Nation’”, Maeil Business Newspaper, 2017.8.10
    • “The Candlelight Sentiment and Privatized Republic, “Maeil Business Newspaper, 2018.1.2
    • APEC Secretariat, "APEC SME Internationalization Model Indices: Development and Application," SME Working Group, 2016.11
    • Arrow, K., "Aspects of the Theory of Risk-bearing," Helsinki, Y. Johanson, 1965
    • Brandonburger, A. and Nalebuff, B., Co-opetition, Bantam Double-day Dell, New York, 1996
    • Chang, W.H., "A Study on Change in the SME Policy Paraddigm," a manuscript presented at Anmin Forum, 2018.3.10
    • Gates, Bill, :Creative Capitalism," Harvard Magazine, 2008.10.13
    • KBIZ, "SME Status Indicators 2016," 2016.5
    • Korea Statistics Bureau, Survey of Firms of the Whole Nation, 2016
    • Ministry of Employment and Labor, "Survey of Work and Work Forces," in Statistics of Various Industries, 2017
    • National Commission for Corporate Partnership of Korea, The White Paper
    • Park, N.K. and Yang, H.B., "Strategies and Policy Direction for Enhancing the SME Structure," in KIET Seminar Paper, Korea Institute of Economy and Technology, 1992
    • Porter, M. and Kramer, M.R., "Creating Shared Value: How to Reinvent Capitalism and Unleash a Wave of Innovation and Growth," Harvard Business Review, 2011.1,2
    • Pratt, J.W., "Risk Aversion in the Small and in the Large,' Econometrica, 32, 122-136, 1964
    • Stiglitz, J., The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future, W.W. Norton Co., New York, 2013
    • Yoo, Jang-Hee. "A Quest for a New Capitalistic Market Order: Korea's Case," in Report on International Academic Exchanges and Cooperation, Natioal Academy of Sciences, Korea, 2016
    • Yoo, Jang-Hee, "Strategic Alliance with Foreign Frims," Economic Review Archives, Korea Chamber of Commerce, No.339, 1999
  • 3대 양수길 3rd Soo Gil YOUNG 1997.2 ~ 1998.4

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    3rd President

    양수길 정보
    3대 양수길 Name Soo Gil YOUNG
    Term of Office 1997.2 ~ 1998.4
    • Ph.D., Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 1979
    • M.A., Economics, Pittsburgh State University, 1971
    • B.A., Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University, 1967
    Professional Experience
    • 2013.2 Visiting Professor of Green Growth and Director of Research Projects on global green growth and decarbonization, KDI school
    • 2012.11 Member of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), co-chairing the Thematic Group on Low-Carbon Energy and Sustainable Industry
    • 2010.7. ~ 2012.12 Chairman of Presidential Committee on Green Growth of the Republic of Korea
    • 2006 ~ 2009 Chairman of Korea National Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation (KOPEC)
    • 2005 ~ 2010 President of National Strategy Institute (NSI), an independent think tank on economic reforms
    • 1998 ~ 2000 Korea's Ambassador to the OECD, concurrently serving as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the OECD Development Centre
    • 1997.2 ~ 1998.4 President of Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 1993.11 ~ 1997.02 President of Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)
    • 1991 ~1993 Visiting commentator of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Republic of Korea
    • 1981 ~ 1993 Chief Researcher, Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Development Institute (KDI)
    • 1977 ~ 1978 Lecterer at Denison University, Republic of Korea
    • 1975 ~ 1977 Lecturer at Ohio State University, Republic of Korea
  • 4,6대 이경태 4th·6th Kyung Tae LEE 1998.6 ~ 2001.12 (4th President)
    2005.1 ~ 2008.5 (6th President)

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    4th·6th President

    이경태 정보
    4,6대 이경태 Name Kyung Tae LEE
    Term of Office 1998.6 ~ 2001.12 (4th President)
    2005.1 ~ 2008.5 (6th President)
    • Ph.D., Economics, George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA, 1983
    • M.A., Public Administration, Seoul National University, 1974
    • B.A., 1970 Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Seoul National University, 1970
    Professional Experience
    • 2018.10 ~ President, Institute for Global Economy
    • 2015 ~ 2017 Editor-in-Chief, Korea Observer
    • 2013 ~ 2016 Co-Chair, Committee for Domestic Affairs of Trade Treaties of Korea
    • 2008.5 ~ 2011.11 President, Institute for International Trade, KITA
    • 2008.3 ~ 2015.3 Distinguished professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University
    • 2005.1 ~ 2008.5 President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 2001.12 ~ 2004.8 Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD
    • 1998.7 ~ 2001.12 President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 1995 ~ 1998 Vice President, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
    • 1983 ~ 1994 Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
    • 1974 ~ 1977 Section Chief, Banking Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Korea
    Advisory Activities
    • 2005.1 ~ 2006.12 Chair, APEC Economic Committee (EC)
    • 2004 ~ 2008 Member, Presidential Economic Advisory Council
    • 2001.1 ~ 2001.12 Chair, APEC Economic Committee (EC)
    • 2000.1 ~ 2001.12 Member of the Governing Body, Regional Representative of East Asia, Global Development Network
    • 2000.1 ~ 2001.12 Acting Chair and Chair of the Board of Governors for the APEC Education Foundation
    • 1998 ~ 2001.12 Executive Committee Chair, Korea National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (KOPEC)
    • 2000 Advisor on Foreign Affairs Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    • 2000 Advisor on Industrial Development, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
    • 1999 ~ 2000 Member of the East Asia Vision Group
    • 1999 ~ 2000 Advisor on Competition Policy, Korea Fair Trade Commission
    • 1994 ~ 1998 Member of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning
    • 1989 ~ 1991 Economic Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry
    • 1984 ~ 1990 Member of the Screening Committee on Foreign Direct Investment, Ministry of Finance
    Academic Associations
    • 1993 ~ 1999 Vice Chairman, Korean Industrial Organization Association
    • 1996 ~ 1998 Executive Committee Member, Korean International Economics Association
    • 1997 ~ 1999 Executive Committee Member, Korean Finance Association
    Awards and Fellowships
    • 1998 Republic of Korea’s National Decoration of Honor
    • 1977 ~ 1979 Government Scholarship for Ph.D. Studies Research Fellowship, George Washington University
    Major Publications
    • “A Roadmap for East-Asian Monetary Integration : The Necessary First Step”, KIEP Working Paper 07-04, coauthored with Yoon, Duck Ryong, 2007.
    • “Korea's Foreign Trade Strategy in the New Millennium”, Korea's Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era, Coauthored, edited by Oh Yul Kwon , Kyung Tae Lee, Edward Elgar Co., 2003.
    • “China’s Integration with the World Economy: Repercussions of China’s Accession to the WTO” edited by Kyung Tae Lee, Justin Yifu Lin, Si Joong Kim, KIEP, 2001.
    • Is APEC Moving Towards the Bogor Goal?, Working Paper Series 01-03, Coauthored, KIEP, 2001.
    • Is the East Asian Development Model Dead?, KIEP, 2001.
    • A Study of Korea's Development Indicators, Presidential Commission on Policy Planning, 1996.
    • Comparative Characteristics of Korea's Industrial Structure, Research Report No. 290, KIET, 1993.
    • Korea's Economic Development: Market Pulled or Government Pushed?, Occasional Paper No. 92-15, KIET, 1992 (English).
    • Theory and Practice of Industrial Policy, Research Series No. 7, KIET, 1991. (revised in 1996)
    • “Policy Measures to Reduce Industrial Concentration and Concentration of Economic Power”, Economic Development in the Republic of Korea: A Policy Perspective, ed. By Lee-Jay Cho and Yoon Hyung Kim, East-West Center, Hawaii, 1991.
    • “Korea’s Market Opening, Its Impact, and Policy Responses”, Monthly Industrial Survey, Vol. 7, No. 8, August 1989.
    • Development Strategy for Infant Industries of Korea under the Opening of the Domestic Market, Policy Study No. 89-06, KIET, 1989.
    • High-Technology Industry Development and Industrial Policy of Korea, Issue Paper No. 89-37, KIET, 1989.
    • Economic Effects of Korea's Trade Liberalization, Research Report No. 152, KIET, 1988.
    • A Comparative Analysis of the Electronic Parts and Components Industries of Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, Research Report No. 78, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET), 1985.
  • 5대 안충영 5th Choong Yong AHN 2002.1 ~ 2005.1

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    5th President

    안충영 정보
    5대 안충영 Name Choong Yong AHN
    term of office 2002.1 ~ 2005.1
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1972
    • M.A., East West Center Program, University of Hawaii, 1968
    • B.A., Dept. of Economics, Kyungpook National University, 1963
    Major Past Positions and Experiences
    • 2014.8 ~ 2018.1 Chairman, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership
    • 2014.12 ~ 2018.3 Chairman of the Board, Korea Electric Power Corporation
    • 1974 ~ 2006 Professor of Economics, College of Business and Economics, Chung-Ang University
    • 2006 ~ 2018 Distinguished Professor, Graduate school of International Studies, Chung-Ang University
    • 2006.5 ~ 2014.7 Foreign Investment Ombudsman / Kotra
    • 2011 Member, Editorial Board, Global Asia
    • 2010.6 ~ 2012.6 Chairman, Presidential Regulatory Reform Committee
    • 2008.1 ~ 2012.12 Co-Chair of the Korea-India Dialogue organized by the Seoul Forum for International Affairs
    • 2008.4 ~ 2011.5 Member, Presidential Council on National Competitiveness
    • 2004.6 ~ 2005.10 Chairman, Technology Cooperation Sub-Committee, Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology
    • 2002 ~ 2010 Chairman, APEC Education Foundation
    • 2002.2 ~ 2005.2 Chairman, APEC Economic Committee
    • 2002.1 ~ 2005.1 President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 2002 President, Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies
    • 1998 President, Korea Economic Development Association
    • 1990 ~ 1992 President, Korea Econometric Society
    • 1999.12 ~ 2005.2 Member, National Economic Advisory Council
    • 1999.2 ~ 2002.3 Chairman of the Board, Chohung Bank
    • 1994.12 ~ 1995.12 President, Korea International Economics Association
    • 1993.8 ~ 1994.6 Visiting Professor, Economic Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan
    • 1992 ~ 1993 UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor to the Economic Planning Unit of Malaysia to work on Manufacturing Sector Development
    • 1985 ~ 1998 Member, UNIDO Research Team to work on Malaysia’s Industrial Master Plan at the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
    • 1978 ~ 1992 Independent Consultant at IBRD seven times, short term part time consulting for Mexico and Brazil’s government and business associations
    • Modern East Asian Economy (Ghendai Higashi Asia Geizairon), Iwanami Shoten, Japan 2001 and translated into Chinese by Peking University Press
    • Modern Korea and East Asian Economy, Pakyoung Publishing Company, 2001
    • Modern East Asian Economy (Translated version of the Modern Korean and East Asian Economy into Chinese), Beijing University Press 2004
    • Published articles at prestigious international academic journals including Review of Economics and Statistics, European Economic Review, Japanese Economic Review, Asian Journal of Economics, Asian Economic Papers, Global Asia, and contributed papers in at monograph such as North Holland, Cambridge Univ. Press, Oxford Univ. Press, Springer, and Edward Elgar.
    Special Academic Interests and Related Activities
    • Keenly interested in economic integration and promotion issues in an open regionalism framework in East Asia, which was triggered by the East Asian identity after Asian Financial crisis in 1998, actively published related articles, and attended many related international conferences.
    • Helped the Malaysian government as the UNIDO chief technical advisor design Malaysia’s Industrial Master Plan based on foreign direct investment-led development paradigm by establishing free economic zones.
    • Joined a North-East Asia Development Bank study group to transform a natural economic territory concept into the greater Tumen River co-prosperity area among adjacent nations and to induce North Korea into an open economy integrated with East Asian open regionalism.
    • Served in the past 10 years as Co-Chair, Korea-India Strategic Dialogue representing the Seoul Forum vis a vis the Indian Council for International Economic Relations and now India’s ANANTA Aspen centre.
    • Currently working on a story telling book on grievance resolution cases and a theory of foreign direct investment into Korea based on three terms’ services as presidentially appointed Foreign Investment Ombudsman.
    Honors & Awards
    • The 14th Economist of the Year patronized by the Maeil Economic Daily, Korea (1984)
    • The 1st Okita Policy Award bestowed by the National Institute for Research Advancement, Prime Minister’s Office, Japan (2000)
    • Academic Excellence Award bestowed by Chung-Ang University (2001)
    • The 13th Free Economy Publication Award from the Federation of Korean Industries (2002)
    • The Order of Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star of Japan in recognition of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman service in promoting investment and economic cooperation between Korea and Japan (2012)
    • Aquamarine Stripes Medal of Republic of Korea in recognition of university Professorship (2006)
    • Bronze Stripes of Industrial Development in recognition of foreign direct investment promotion and its system improvement (2014)
    Most Recent Publications
    • “Income-led Growth and Innovative Growth policies: in Korea: Challenges, Rebalancing, and New Business Ecosystem,” Korea Economic Institute of America, Academic Paper Series, Washington DC, pp 1-15, 2018.5 ☞ click to see papers
    • “Towards an East Asian Economic Community: Opportunities and Challenges”, Chapter 6 in (ed. Peter Hayes and C.I. Moon) The Future of East Asia, Asia Today, Macmillan, Palgrave, pp 131-164, 2018 ☞ click to see papers
  • 7대 채욱 7th Wook CHAE 2008.5 ~ 2013.5
    (served consecutive terms)

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    7th President

    채욱 정보
    7대 채욱 Name Wook CHAE
    Term of Office 2008.5 ~ 2013.5 (served consecutive terms)
    • Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan, 1990
    • M.A., Economics, Western Michigan University, 1983
    • B.A., German Literature, Korea University, 1977
    Professional Career
    • 2013.9 ~ Present Honorary Distinguished Professor at Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, Kyung Hee University
    • 2008.5 ~ 2013.5 President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 2010.3 ~ 2011.3 Member of National Economic Advisory Council
    • 2008.5 ~ 2011 Member of Presidential Council on National Competitiveness
    • 2007.12 ~ 2008.12 President, Korea Association of Trade and Industry Studies (KATIS)
    • 1998.5 ~ 2001.5 Member of Presidential Advisory Commission on Policy Planning
    • 1990.10 ~ 2008.5 Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) Publications
    • Korea’s Trade Policy toward the U.S. and related Tasks after the KORUS FTA, KIEP, 2007 (co-authored)
    • Russia’s Accession to the WTO in the Perspective of Korea-Russia Economic Relations, KIEP, 2007 (co-authored)
    • Korea’s Mid & Long-term Strategies toward on Advanced Trading Nation, KIEP, 2006 (co-authored)
    • Understanding of Korean Economy, Kyobo, 2005 (co-authored)
    • Principles of International Economics, Pakyoungsa, 2002 (co-authored)
    • Principles of International Trade, Pakyoungsa, 1998 (co-authored)
  • 8대 이일형 8th Il Houng LEE 2013.8 ~ 2016.4

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    8th President

    이일형 정보
    8대 이일형 Name Il Houng LEE
    term of office 2013.8 ~ 2016.4
    • Ph.D., Economics, Warwick University (UK), 1989
    • M.A., Economics, University of Essex (UK), 1986
    • B.A., Economics, London School of Economics (UK), 1985
    Professional Experience
    • 2013 ~ Visiting Professor, Jilin University, China
    • 2013 ~ 2015 Ambassador for International Cooperation and G20 Sherpa, ROK
    • 2010 ~ 2013 IMF Chief Resident Representative in China
    • 2007 ~ 2010 Advisor, Asia-Pacific Department, IMF
    • 2005 ~ 2007 IMF Chief Resident Representative in Vietnam (Also Lecturer at National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam)
    • 1996 ~ 2000 Senior Economist; Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF
    • 1989 ~ 2013 International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    • 1988 ~ 1989 Tutorial Fellow, Warwick University, UK
    Recent Publications
    • Shaping the Future of the IMS: Regionalization of selected Asian Currencies, China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies 2:3, 2015.11
    • Let’s Construct a Global Village Together: Our Role in the G20, KIEP. September, 2015 (Korean)
    • Tri-Polar Cluster System: A Proposal, Edited by Marc Uzan, Bretton Woods: The Next 70 Years. 2015.8
    • Socially Stable Path of Unification in the Korean Peninsula, KIEP World Economy Update. 2015.8
    • Does Global Economy Lack of New Sources of Growth?, Social Science Front, Vol. 236, No.2. 2015.2 (Chinese)
    • Global Imbalance: a Policy Mishap or a Rational Outcome? The case of Korea, KIEP World Economy Update, 2015.4
    • The International Monetary System: Time for Change?, KIEP World Economy Update, 2014.9
    • Rethinking Monetary and Financial Policies in China, Il Houng Lee, Murtaza Syed and Da Young Yang, KIEP Staff Paper, 2014.9
    • Use of National currencies for trade settlement in East Asia: A Proposal, Il Houng Lee and Yung Chul Park, ADBI, Working Paper. 2014.4
    • Use of National Currencies for Trade Settlement in East Asia: A Proposal, Il Houng Lee and Yung Chul Park, KIEP Staff Paper. 2014.4
    • Is More Investment the Answer to Deficient Global Demand?, Il Houng Lee and Da Young Yang, KIEP World Economy Update, 2014.4
    • The Role of the Financial Sector in Rebalancing, Il Houng Lee and Murtaza Syed, IMF Working Paper, 2013.10
    • Two Sides of the Same Coin? Rebalancing and Inclusive Growth in China, Il Houng Lee, Murtaza Syed and Wang Xin, IMF Working Paper 13/185, 2013.8
    • China’s Path to Consumer-Based Growth: How to Identify and Reduce Excessive Investment, Il Houng Lee, Murtaza Syed and Liu Xueyan, IMF Working Paper, 2013.3
    • China’s Demography and Its Implications, Il Houng Lee and Murtaza Syed, IMF Working Paper, 2013.3
    • Investment in China: How much is enough?, Il Houng Lee, Murtaza Syed and Liu Xueyan, IMF Working Paper, 2012.8
    • Optimal Liquidity and Economic Stability, Linghui Han and Il Houng Lee, IMF Working Paper, 2012.5
    • Responding effectively to Chinese Challenges through ‘12.5’ Plan (12nd-5Year Economic Development Plan, a collection of interviews from 41 public officials in China, 2011 (Chinese)
    • Monetary Transmission of Global Imbalances in Asian Countries, Il Houng Lee and Woon Gyu Choi, IMF Working Paper, 2010.9
  • 9대 현정택 9th Jung Taik HYUN 2016. 6 ~ 2017. 12

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    9th President

    현정택 정보
    9대 현정택 Name Jung Taik HYUN
    Term of Office 2016. 6 ~ 2017. 12
    • Ph.D., Economics, George Washington University, 1993
    • M.A., Business Administration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1982
    • B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, 1971
    Professional Experience
    • 2015.1 ~ 2016.5 Senior Secretary to the President for Policy Coordination
    • 2013.5 ~ 2015.1 Vice Chairman, National Economic Advisory Council
    • 2003 ~ 2015.1 Professor, School of International Trade and Regional Studies, Inha University
    • 2010 ~ 2013.6 Chairman, Korea Trade Commission
    • 2005 ~ 2009 President, Korea Development Institute
    • 2003 ~ 2005 Ambassador for International Economy and Trade, The Republic of Korea
    • 2002 ~ 2003 Senior Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs
    • 2001 ~ 2002 Vice-Minister, Ministry of Gender Equality
    • 1998 ~ 2001 Secretary to the President for Planning and Coordination
    • 1997 ~ 1998 Minister, Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD
    • 1995 ~ 1996 Director-General, International Economic Policy Bureau, Ministry of Finance and Economy
    • 1991 ~ 1995 Counselor, Korean Embassy in Beijing
    • 1989 ~ 1991 Director, Economic Planning Board
    • 1987 ~ 1989 Visiting Fellow, The World Bank
    • 1983 ~ 1987 Director, Economic Planning Board
    • 1977 ~ 1983 Assistant Director, Economic Planning Board
    • An Analysis of Productivity Effect in Foreign Direct Investment, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy , 1991 (in Korean)
    • Japanese Direct Foreign Investment, The World Bank, Industry Development Division, 1988
  • 10대 이재영 9th Jae Young LEE 2018. 4 ~ 2020. 1

    KIEP Previous Presidents

    10th President

    이재영 정보
    9대 현정택 Name Jae Young LEE
    Term of Office 2018. 4 ~ 2020. 1
    • Ph.D. Economics, Moscow State University, Russia, 1995
    • M.A. Business Administration, Hanyang University, 1992
    • B.A. Business Administration, Hanyang University, 1988
    Professional Experience
    • 2017.12 ~ Present : Member of Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation of Republic of Korea
    • 2018.08 ~ Present : Member of Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • 2018.03 : Member of Advisory Committee, 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Preparation Committee
    • 2018.01 ~ 2018.07 : Senior Adviser, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Republic of Korea
    • 2018.04 ~ 2020.01 : President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 2005.04 ~ 2018.03 : Vice President, Department of Europe, Americas and Eurasia; Vice President, Department of Planning and Coordination; Head of Europe Team; Head of Russia/CIS Team, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
    • 2018.04 ~ Present : Chair, Korea National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (KOPEC)
    • 2017.07 ~ 2018.07 : Member of Advisory Committee, National Security Office of Republic of Korea
    • 2017.10 ~ 2018.10 : Member of Advisory Committee, Institute for National Security Strategy of Republic of Korea
    • 2016.11 : Honorary Professor, Far Eastern Institute of International Relations in Russia
    • 2015.11 ~ Present : Expert, Valdai Discussion Club & Astana Club of Russia
    • 2013.01 ~ Present : Member of Editorial Board, 『Пространственная Экономика』(Spatial Economics), 『Россия и АТР』(Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region) and 『ЭКО』(ECO)
    • 2013.01 ~ 2013.12 : Visiting Scholar, Wolfson College and CREES, University of Oxford
    • 2012.07 ~ 2014.06 : Evaluation Committee Member, Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Republic of Korea
    • 2011.02 ~ 2013.12 : President, The Korean Association of Eurasian Studies
    • 2010.09 ~ 2017.08 : Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of International Studies at Hanyang University
    • 2010.05 : Honorary Doctor, Chinggis Khaan University, Mongolia
    • 2010.01 ~ 2010.12 : Columnist, Seoul Newspaper
    • 2009.07 ~ 2011.06 : Member of Advisory Committee, National Unification Council under the President of Republic of Korea
    • 2009.02 : Honorary Professor, Economic Research Institute, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
    • 2008.07 ~ 2009.06 : Member of Advisory Committee, National Intelligence Service of Republic of Korea
    • 2006.09 ~ 2008.09 : Member of Advisory Committee, Inter-Korean Railway Cooperation Committee, Korea Railroad Corporation
    • 2003.07 ~ 2004.08 : Visiting Scholar, Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Michigan
    • 2002.07 ~ 2003.06 : Visiting Scholar, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
    • 1997.09 ~ 2002.10 : Chief Research Fellow and Research Professor, Asia-Pacific Research Center at Hanyang University
    • 1996.09 ~ 1997.08 : Post-doc Fellow of Ministry of Education, National Research Foundation
    • 1991.11 ~ 1992.02 : Visiting Researcher, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Academy of Sciences of he USSR
    • 1990.11 ~ 1991.02 : Visiting Researcher, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR
    • 1989.03 ~ 1992.02 : Researcher, Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies at Hanyang University
    Honors and Awards
    • Official Commendation by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, 2014
    • Presidential Citation by the President of Mongolia, 2011
    KIEP Publication
    • South Korea-North Korea-Russia Trilateral Cooperation for Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula (Lee Jae-Young ed.), Monograph, KIEP, Sep. 2018.
    • Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and South Korea-North Korea-Russia Trilateral Cooperation (Lee Jae-Young ed.), Monograph, KIEP, Sep. 2018. (in Korean & Russian)
    • “Investment Climate in the EAEU and Korea's Entry Strategy” (co-authored), World Economy Brief 18-01, KIEP, Jan. 2018.
    • “The Investment Climate of the EAEU and Korea’s Entry Strategy” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 17-01, KIEP, Aug. 2017. (in Korean)
    • “Analysis of Korea's EAEU Investment and Business Environment” (co-authored), World Economy Today 17-10, KIEP, May 2017. (in Korean)
    • “Korea-Mongolia Economic Relations: How Can They Be Reinforced?” (co-authored), World Economy Brief 16-21, KIEP, Aug. 2016.
    • “Status of Economic Cooperation between Korea and Mongolia and Promotion Strategies” (co-authored), World Economy Today 16-15, KIEP, May 2016. (in Korean)
    • “Evaluation of Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation and its mid- to long- term Vision” (co-authored), Monograph, KIEP and Russian Foreign Trade Academy , Apr. 2016. (in Russian)
    • “Evaluation of Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation and its mid- to long- term Vision” (co-authored), Monograph, KIEP, Dec. 2015. (in Korean)
    • “The Russian ODI and FDI Promotion Strategy of Korea” (co-authored), World Economy Brief 13-14, KIEP, Apr. 2013.
    • “Mongolia’s Investment Environment and Measures to Expand the Market Entry of Korean Businesses” (co-authored), Studies in Comprehensive Regional Strategies 12-06, KIEP, Dec. 2012. (in Korean)
    • “Russian ODI and FDI Promotion Strategy of Korea” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 12-19, KIEP, Dec. 2012. (in Korean)
    • “CIS Economic Integration and Policy Implications for Korea: Focusing on the Customs Union” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 11-26, KIEP, Dec. 2011. (in Korean)
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    • “The Political Elite and Power Structure of Kazakhstan”, Studies in Comprehensive Regional Strategies 09-14, KIEP, Dec. 2009. (in Korean)
    • “Entry Strategies to Russian Market: Korean Companies' Experiences” (co-authored), Monograph, KIEP, Jul. 2009. (in Korean)
    • “Korean Firms' Investment and Future Agenda in Russia” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 08-15, KIEP, Dec. 2008. (in Korean)
    • “Russia's WTO Accession in the Perspective of Korea-Russia Economic Relations” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 07-12, KIEP, Dec. 2007. (in Korean)
    • “Korea's Mid- to Long-Term Economic Strategy for the Central Asia” (co-authored), Policy References 07-24, KIEP, Dec. 2007. (in Korean)
    • “Korea's Mid- to Long-Term Economic Strategy for Russia” (co-authored), Policy References 07-23, KIEP, Dec. 2007. (in Korean)
    • “Emerging Central Asia and the Korean Countermeasures” (co-authored), KIEP working papers on regional studies 07-01, KIEP, Apr. 2007. (in Korean)
    • “Strategies for Eastern Russia's Development and the Implications on the Case of Korea's Involvement: Focusing on Energy Sector” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 06-13, KIEP, Dec. 2006. (in Korean)
    • “The Current Status of Uzbekistan Economy and the Economic Cooperation between Korea and Uzbekistan” (co-authored), KIEP working papers on regional studies 05-02, KIEP, May 2005. (in Korean)
    • “The Background of Russia's Joining the APEC and Russian Policy toward the APEC” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 98-07, KIEP, Nov. 1998. (in Korean)
    Key papers
    • “The New Northern Policy and Korean-Russian Cooperation”, Monde Chinois, No.53, 2018.
    • “Korea-Mongolia Economic Relations : Current Status and Cooperation Measures”, Korea's Economy, Vol.31, KEI, 2017.
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