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About KIEP


KIEP History

Since its foundation in 1989, KIEP has served as a valuable source of insight into the changing trends of the world economy and provider of effective policy options and international economic strategies.



  • 2020.06Dr. Heungchong Kim appointed as the 11th president.
  • 2018.04The Center for Area Studies established. (Chinese Economy Dept, Advanced Economies Dept, New Southern Policy Dept, New Northern Policy Dept expanded and reorganized.)
  • 2018.04Dr. Jae-Young Lee appointed as the 10th president.
  • 2017.05KIEP awarded as a leading research institute in 2016.
  • 2016.06Dr. Jung Taik Hyun appointed as the 9th president.

2010 -

  • 2015.06The Department of North East Asian Economies and the Strategy Research Team established.
  • 2015.01The Office of External Coordination established.
  • 2014.05The KU-KIEP-SBS EU Center established.
  • 2014.01The G20 Research Support Group established.
  • 2013.08Dr. Il Houng Lee appointed as the 8th president.
  • 2013.04The East Asian regional FTA Research Support Group established.
  • 2012.03The Korea-China FTA Research Support Group established.
  • 2011.08The Emerging Region Research Center established. (The World Regional Center expanded and reorganized.)
  • 2011.03Responsibility for KOPEC Secretariat services transferred to the National Center for APEC Studies at KIEP. (the incorporated association of the KOPEC disbanded and absorbed into the KIEP organization.)
  • 2010.02The Regional and Provincial Research Team for China established.

2000 -

  • 2008.06The ODA Team established.
  • 2008.06The International Development Cooperation Center established. (The Center for Northeastern Economic Cooperation expanded and reorganized.)
  • 2008.05Dr. Wook Chae appointed as the 7th president.
  • 2005.12The SNU-KIEP EU Center established.
  • 2005.01Dr. Kyung Tae Lee appointed as the 6th president.
  • 2004.12KIEP designated as an specialized research institution for international event. (Regulation on international event invitation and hosting.)
  • 2003.04The Center for Northeast Asian Cooperation established. (The Center for Northeastern Asia Research Development expanded and reorganized.)
  • 2002.03The DDA Research Center established.
  • 2002.01Dr. Choong Yong Ahn appointed as the 5th president.
  • 2000.04The World Regional Research Center established. (The Regional Information Center expanded and reorganized.)

1989 -

  • 1999.01The Act for the establishment of KIEP changed. (KIEP Act → Act for establishment, operation, and development of government-funded research institutions.)
  • 1998.06Dr. Kyung Tae Lee appointed as the 4th president.
  • 1997.10Regional Information Center was incorporated into KIEP.
  • 1997.02Dr. Soo-gil Young appointed as the 3rd president.
  • 1997.01The Center for Northeast Asian Research Development established.
  • 1995.03The Beijing Office established.
  • 1994.01Designated as the secretariat for Korea's Official Pool of International Economists. (International Economy Committee)
  • 1992.10The name of the Northern Regional Center changed to the Center for Regional Economic Studies and Research.
  • 1992.03Dr. Jang-Hee Yoo appointed as the 2nd president.
  • 1992.01The Northern Regional Center established.(Dissolved and merged with the International Private Economy Council.)
  • 1990.01Supervisory responsibility over US KEI transferred to KIEP and KOPEC Secretariat relocated to KIEP.
  • 1989.12KIEP was re-established by a Special Act. (Foundation dissolved.)
  • 1989.08KIEP (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy) Foundation established. Dr. Chuk Kyo Kim appointed as the first president.