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Hyung-Gon Jeong

Hyung-Gon Jeong Information
Hyung-Gon Jeong photo Name Hyung-Gon Jeong
Position Senior Research Fellow
Telephone 044-414-1127
Expertise North East Asian Economies

- US Fulbright Scholar, The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, 2012~2013

- Ph.D. Economics (with specialization on transition economy), University of Cologne, Germany, 1998.

- M.A. Economics (Diplom Volkswirt), University of Bonn, Germany, 1994

- B.A. Economics (Vordiplom), University of Bonn, Germany, 1991

Job Experience

[Previous Employment]

- 2014 ~ 2015 : Vice President of Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)

- 2013 : Director, Department of International Cooperation, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)

- 2006 ~ 2012 : Director, East Asia Economic Cooperation Division, KIEP

- 2005 : Director General, Office of Policy Coordination, National Security Council (NSC) Office of the President of Republic of Korea (The Blue House)

- 2003 ~ 2004 : Director General, Office of Strategy Planning, National Security Council (NSC), Office of the President of Republic of Korea (The Blue House)

- 1998 ~ 2002 : Research Fellow, Institute for National Security Strategy (The National Intelligence Service-affiliated organization)

- 1998 ~ 2003 : Adjunct Professor, Lectures on Economic Policy, Economic Plan, History of Economic Theory, Principles of Economics at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.

- 1997: Research assistant, Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar, University of Bonn, Germany

[Professional Positions and Government-related Appointments] 

- 2014 ~ Present : Vice President, North East Asia Economic Association of Republic of Korea (ROK)

- 2014 ~ Present : Advisor to the Fair Trade Commission of Korea (ROK) 

- 2010 ~ Present : Member of the Free Economic Zone Advisory Committee, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (ROK) 

- 2011 ~ 2012 : Advisor to the Office of Minister for Special Affairs of Korea (ROK) 

- 2011 ~ 2012 : Member of Standing Committee, The National Unification Advisory Council (ROK) 

- 2007 ~ 2010 : Member of the Evaluation Board, The Public Enterprise Management Evaluation Board, Ministry of Finance and Strategy (ROK) 

- 2008 ~ 2010 : Consultant on Special Economic Zones to the Government of Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan as part of Korean Knowledge sharing projects 

- 2007 ~ 2008 : Member of the Standing Advisory Committee, Economic Department, The 17th Presidential Transition Committee 

- 2006 ~ 2011 : Research Fellow, China-Japan-Korea Joint Research Group (DRC / IDE-JETRO / KIEP) 

- 2007 : Research Fellow, East Asia FTA Study Phase II Joint Research Group (researchers from ASEAN+6 national research institutions) 

- 2006 ~ 2008 : Advisor to the Office of the President of ROK (the Blue House), Ministry of Unification, and National Intelligence Service

[Computer Skills and Quantitative Analysis]


[Language Skills] 

- Korean (mother tongue), English and German (fluent in oral and written)

[Major achievements at KIEP]

- Established the ASEAN+6 National Research Institution Network

- Established informal Working Group Meeting on Knowledge Sharing with the DPRK

- Established GTI (Greater Tumen Initiative)Research Institutions Network 

- Established KOREA-GERMANY Research Institutions Network  

- Leader of China-Japan-Korea Joint Research Group

- Trained many policy makers and researchers  

- Planning, Supervise, and Coordination of research projects and publications at KIEP


[Grants and Honors] 

- 2008 Commendation from the President of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy  

- 2008 Commendation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy 

- 2006 Commendation from the Minister of Unification 

- 2005 Commendation from the Secretary General of the National Security Council 

- 1991~1995 Friedrich Ebert Foundation scholar during the study at University of Bonn in Germany  


[KIEP Publications]

- “Are Special Economic Zones a Panacea for Developing Countries? Lessons for Developing Countries”, KIEP Opinions 88, KIEP, 2016.7.  

- “Determinants of Economic Growth in Transition Economies: Implications for Economic Reform in North Korea” (co-authored), World Economy Brief 15-19, KIEP, 2015.9. 

- “Determinants of Economic Growth in Transition Economies: Their Implications for North Korea”, Policy Analyses 14-01, KIEP, 2014.11. (in Korean)

- “The Current Situation of Marketization in North Korea and Prospects for Change of Its Economic System” (co-authored), World Economy Brief 13-10, KIEP, 2013.3.

- “The Current Situation of Marketization in North Korea and Prospects for Change of its Economic System” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 12-26, KIEP, 2012.12. (in Korean)

- “Change in North Korea’s Policy for Foreign Direct Investment and Future Direction of the Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 11-21, KIEP, 2011.12. (in Korean)

- “Analysis on FDI in Service among Korea-China-Japan and Strategies for Mutual Cooperation” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 11-19, KIEP, 2011.12. (in Korean)

- “The Role of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat in Stimulating Economic Cooperation among China, Japan and Korea (co-authored), Policy References 11-12, KIEP, 2011.11. (in Korean)

- Results and Future Tasks of the Korea-China-Japan Summit (co-authored), World Economy 11-17, KIEP, 2011.5. (in Korean)

Tasks on the Competitiveness Reinforcement of the Free Economic Zone of Korean Economy (co-authored), World Economy 11-02, KIEP, 2011.5. (in Korean)

- “Comparative Analysis on State-owned Enterprises Policy in Korea, China, and Japan” (co-authored), Policy References 10-61, KIEP, 2010.12. (in Korean)

- “Reviews on FDI among Korea-China-Japan and Strategies for Mutual Investment Promotion” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 10-13, KIEP, 2010.12. (in Korean)

-  “Customs Administration Cooperation between Korea-China-Japan for Trade Facilitation: Strategy for Mutual Recognition of AEO between Korea-China-Japan” (co-authored), CNAEC Pesearch Series 10-01, 2010.8. (in Korean)

- “Analysis of Comparative Advantage Patterns and its Policy Implications in Korea, China, and Japan” (co-authored), World Economy 10-24, KIEP, 2010.8. (in Korean)

- “Comparison of Competitiveness among Korea-China-Japan on Business Service by Analysis of the Determinant for FDI” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 09-05, KIEP, 2009.12. (in Korean)

- “Analysis on the Effects of UN Economic Sanctions against North Korea” (co-authored), CNAEC Pesearch Series 09-04, KIEP, 2009.10. (in Korean)

- “What can North Korea Learn from Transition Economies Reform Process?”, Working Paper 09-04, KIEP, 2009.9.

- “Comparative Analysis of FTA Agreements by Korea, China, and Japan, and Policy Implications for the Northeast Asia FTA” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 08-04, KIEP, 2008.12. (in Korean)

- “FEZ Development Strategy for Improvement of Investment Environment” (co-authored), Policy References 08-03, KIEP, 2008.12. (in Korean)

- The New Government’s Policy Implications for Free Economic Zone Vitalization (co-authored), World Economy 08-19, KIEP, 2008.5. (in Korean)

- Problems and Policies for Improvement of Korea’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (co-authored), World Economy 08-01, KIEP, 2008.1. (in Korean)

- “Strategies for Korea’s Financial and Logistical Hub by Comparing with China” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 07-09, 2007.12. (in Korean)

- The Development and Expected Effects of SOC in North Korea for Establishing the inter-Korean Economic Community, World Economy 07-40, KIEP, 2007.9. (in Korean)

- “From East Asian FTAs to an EAFTA: Typology of East Asian FTAs and Implications for an EAFTA” (co-authored), Policy Analyses 06-01, KIEP, 2006.12. (in Korean)

- “Expected Actions and Effects of the International Society’s Additional Sanctions against North Korea in relation with North Korea’s test-firing of missiles”, World Economy 06-21, KIEP, 2006.7. (in Korean)

- The Northeast Asian Energy Cooperation: a Change of International Energy Environment and Our Response to the Change, Monthly World Economy Vol.9 No.6, KIEP, 2006.6. (in Korean)

- Possible Scenarios for North Korea's Financial Reform Based on the Experience of Transition Countries (co-authored), Policy Analyses 02-18, KIEP, 2002.12. (in Korean)


[Key papers]


- “The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Business Services Industry”, International Economic Journal, Vol.28, No.3, 2014.

- “Initial Conditions, Economic Performance, and Reform Prospects in North Korea”, Seoul Journal of Economics, Vol.26, No.4, 2013.

- “South Korea: Which Way Will It go on Asian Integration? Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies”, Korea Economic Institute, Washington D.C., 2012.

- “Vision and Strategies of the Korean Peninsula Economic Community” (co-authored), Seoul National University Press, 2009. (in Korean)

- “20 years of Reform in the Transition Economies: Implications for the North Korean Economy”, Driving Forces of Socialist Transformation, Praesens Verlag, Wien, 2009.

- “An Analysis of North Korea's Main Trading Relations”, IFRI (Institut francais des relations internationals: IFRI), Paris, 2009.

- “Economics of the Kaesung Industrial Complex”, Korea’s Economy, Washington D.C. 2007.

- “The Determinants of Economic Growth of Transition Economies: Economic Reform vs. Initial Conditions”, International Economic Journal, Vol.20, No.2, pp.241-252, 2006.

- “Economic Reforms of Eastern Europe and North Korea”, North Korea Study, 2003. (in Korean)

- “An Analysis of the Effect of West Germany’s Economic Assistance to East Germany”, Asia Study, 2003. (in Korean)

- “The Development of and Policy Direction for Shimcheon Free Economic Zone: Success Factors and Implications”, KDI Review of the North Korean Economy, 2002. (in Korean)

- “Privatisierungs politik im Transformations prozeß (Privatization Policies in the Process of Transformation)”, Ph.D. Dissertation,

University of Cologne, Shaker Verlag, 1998. (in German)




- “Trends and Prospects of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation” in『Korea Yearbook 2008』, Brill, Netherlands, 2009.

- 『Where and How should One Invest Toward North Korea?』 (co-authored), Haenam Publishing Company, 2003. (in Korean)

- 『The Economics of System Transition』, Cheongam Media, 2001. (in Korean)

- 『The Federal Republic of Germany in the Berlin Age』 (co-authored), M-AD, 2000. (in Korean)

[Other Published Papers]


The Impact of Strengthened North Korea-China Economic Cooperation”, Korea Focus, March 2006.

East Germany’s Land Price Appraisal and its Implications for the Unified Korea, Research Institute for Appraisal Board in Korea Appraisal Board, summer 2000. (in Korean)

Examination of Possibility in Applying Privatization Polices of East Germany’s State Property toward the Reunification of North and South, North Korea Study, November 1999. (in Korean)

Privatization Policies in the Unified Korea, The Economics of Korean Reunification, 1997.

[Research Consultancies]


- “A Study on Development Strategy for Enhancement of North-East Asian Economic Base by Free Economic Zones”, Policy Research Issues of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (ROK), 2012. (in Korean)

- “A Study on the Implementation Method of Construction of Ganghwa Gyodong Peace Industrial Complex”, Policy Research Issues of the City of Incheon (ROK), 2012. (in Korean)

- “Re-evaluation for Special Economic Zone Development in Vietnam, Supporting the Establishment of Vietnam’s 2011-2020 Socio-economic Development Strategy”, KDI, 2011.

- “A Study on Designation Criteria on the Outward Processing Zone of Korea-EU FTA”, Policy Research Issues of The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (ROK), 2011. (in Korean)

- “A Research on Certification System and items in the Service Sector in Germany”, Policy ResearchIssues of Human Resources Development Service of Korea, 2011. (in Korean)

- “Preliminary Feasibility Study on Construction/Operation of Refuelling (CNG) Station and Building CNG Cylinder Manufacturing Plants in Uzbekistan”, ,KOGAS, 2010.

- “Development of Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone in Uzbekistan”, KDI, 2010.

- “A Strategy for Investment Promotion toward Knowledge-based Manufacturing Businesses in the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone”, Policy Research Issues on the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (ROK), 2010. (in Korean)

- “East Asia FTA (EAFTA) Study Phase II”, Policy Research Issues of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (ROK), 2009.

- “2009 Korea-China-Japan Joint Research on Economic Cooperation: The Study on Trade Facilitation between Korea, China and Japan”, KIEP, 2009.

- “A Strategy for Investment Promotion toward Incheon Free Economic Zone”, Policy Research Issues of Incheon Free Economic Zone (ROK), 2009. (in Korean)

- “Direction for Medium and Long-term Development of Free Economic Zone”, Policy Research Issues of Ministry of Knowledge Economy (ROK), 2009. (in Korean)

- “The Project for Export Promotion and Special Economic Zones Improvement in Kazakhstan”, Policy Research Issues of KOICA (ROK), 2009.

- “Feasibility Study on Establishing Special Economic Zones in Uzbekistan”, Policy Research Issues of Ministry of Finance and Economy (ROK), 2008.

- “An Analysis of Economic Effects of the Investment Treaties between Korea and Japan and between Korea-China-Japan”, Policy Research Issues of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (ROK), 2007. (in Korean)

- “An Evaluation of the Free Economic Zone Promotion, and an Examination of Propriety for Additional Free Economic Zone Designation”, Policy Research Issues of Ministry of Finance and Economy (ROK), 2007. (in Korean) 

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