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About KIEP

Careers at KIEP

Research Areas

  • International Financial Markets
  • New International Financial Architecture
  • Appropriate Exchange Rate Regime in Emerging Markets
  • International and Regional Financial Cooperation
  • Liberalization of Financial Services and Capital Markets
  • International Open Macroeconomics Modelling
  • Korea's Trade and Investment Policies
  • Multilateral Trade and Investment Issues
  • Trade Dispute Management
  • Regionalism and Free Trade Arrangements
  • APEC Issues
  • Economic Trends of Major Countries/Regions
  • Korea's Bilateral Economic Relations with Major Countries/Regions
  • Economic Reform Trends in Major Countries
  • Economic Integration Trends in Major Regions
  • ASEAN+3(China, Japan, Korea) Issues
  • ASEM Issues
  • Northeast Asian and East Asian Economic Integration
  • Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation (Trade, Investment, Financial Cooperation, etc.)
  • Korea's Business Hub Strategy
  • International Cooperation for Korean Unification

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  • E-mail :
  • TEL : 82-44-414-1034
  • FAX : 82-44-414-1155, 1122